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SmokeFin Disposable Telescopic Smoke Evacuation Pencil

Patent Design, Telescopic, Smoke Evacuation, Clear, Ergonomic

PROMED SmokeFin Telescoping Smoke Evacuation Pencil is a patented telescopic electrosurgical device equipped with smoke evacuation to remove hazardous smoke aerosols and gases generated during electrosurgery.

SmokeFin offers hassle-free hand movement while providing a clear view and a smoke-free environment. With smart work-length adjustment and 360° swivel design that allows the surgeon to move the finger-switch control on the pencil to slide the cut and coagulation button closer to the surgical site.

Product Features
  • Enables working-length adjustment up to 60mm extension by sliding the rocket switch for deep cavity surgery
  •  Includes a 360-degree swivel connection for hassle-free hand movement
  •  Captures smoke plume directly at the tip of the pencil.
  •  Offers an independently telescoping smoke nozzle and electrode to enable improved versatility and choice.,
  •  Eliminates the need for additional smoke evacuation accessories

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