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New Product 2022

PROMED Smoke Evacuation Instrument Series

PROMED Smoke Evacuation Instrument is a series of electrosurgical device equipped with smoke evacuation to remove hazardous smoke aerosols and gases generated during electrosurgery. Smoke Evacuation Instrument offers the surgeon a clear view and smoke-free environment.

The Smoke Evacuation Instrument Series is available in :

  1. Working-length extension up to 60mm
  2. 360-degree swivel connection for hassle-free hand movement
  3. Captures smoke plume directly at the tip of the pencil
  4. Telescoping smoke nozzle and electrode to improve versatility
  5. Eliminates the needs for the additional smoke evacuation accessories
  1. Monopolar and Bipolar configurations both are available
  2. Extract hazardous surgical smoke at the tip of the forceps
  3. Giving completely hand control and no need for a footswitch to surgeon
  4. Reducing the operator fatigue also maximizes flexibility by the integration of smoke tubing with a 360° swivel connection
  5. Non-Stick Tips with Optional PTFE coating

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